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Dental White Kit

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If you want a beautiful bright white smile, and would like to improve the colour of your teeth in just 30 minutes, Dr Georges Dental White home teeth-whitening kit is for you. With Dental White, you will see instant results after the first session and your teeth will be up to 11 shades lighter within two weeks.

Previously available only in the USA, Smile 4 You is the official UK and EU supplier of this system which is available direct from the product website – they also produce their own branded product, Smile 4 You.

The full kit only costs £36.97 with cheaper options available and shipping costs £2.99. All products are shipped from within the UK.

Click here to visit the Official supplier of Dental White – Smile4you.co.uk!

Benefits of Dental White

  • Up to 11 shades lighter in just 2 weeks
  • Each kit includes a blue laser light unit for even faster results
  • Most whitening gel supplied in ANY teeth whitening kit (200 applications!)
  • Whitening gel can be used for up to 2 years
  • 14 day full money-back guarantee

History of Dental White

Dental White in the MediaCalifornian dentist Dr George Madray adapted cutting edge cosmetic dental technology from his Hollywood surgery into an easy to use home teeth-whitening system. This means that you can have all the effects of celebrity professional teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost of a cosmetic dentist.

Dr George’s Dental White was one of the first teeth whitening kits on the market and has been a leader in teeth whitening ever since!

Smile 4 You has exclusive rights to the Dr Georges Dental White system, first developed in the USA in 1989 and known as the best teeth whitening method in the world.

How to use Dental White

The Dental White teeth whitening kit is easy and safe to use and contains everything you need. The active part of the treatment is the 16% carbamide peroxide whitening gel, plus there are two easy fit warm and foam mouth trays, the gel applicator, a blue laser light and two after care gels. Full easy to follow instructions are included.

First, fit the mouth trays by heating the trays and moulding to your teeth. This is easy and you only do it once. Then apply the gel, switch on the laser light and relax for 30 minutes.

The laser accelerates the whitening process helping the dental grade carbamide peroxide work fast. Safe and effective, the laser light speeds up the whitening process and leads to better, longer lasting results.

Dental White testimonials – Whiter teeth in just 2 weeks!

Dental White Before and After Pictures

Click here see more Dental White testimonials!

Dental White side effects

There can be mild side effects to using Dental White as with any teeth whitening. It can cause temporary teeth sensitivity but the after care gel keeps this to a minimum.

Dental White … Verdict

Dental White works in just 30 minutes!Dr Georges Dental White is easily one of the best teeth whitening product on the market and available at a great price.

Each kit contains enough whitening gel for 200 applications to allow you to top up on your whitening when you like, and customer reviews are positive. This means that each teeth whitening treatment only costs you around 12 pence!

The company offer a full no quibble money back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction so you are safe to try in confidence.

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