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Rapid White Teeth Whitening

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Rapid White Tooth Whitening is a range of products that are sold in the UK exclusively from Boots both from their retail stores and online.

The range includes mouth tray whitening systems sold in one week or two week treatment packs, whitening toothpaste, a whitening pen to target stains and discolouration and a new blue light treatment. The Rapid White 1 week system costs £7.99 and the blue light treatment £29.95.

What is Rapid White?

The teeth whitening programmes Rapid White 1 Week and Rapid White 2 Weeks use a peroxide free two-stage chlorine dioxide based system as the whitening gel. In the first stage, a sodium chlorine accelerator is painted on to the teeth and the second stage is the activation stage in which a light acid solution is applied. This works on the sodium chlorine and breaks down the stains on the teeth.

The product should be left on for two 10 -15 minute periods a day and should whiten teeth up to four shades lighter over one weeks treatment.

The mouth trays are customised to fit the teeth by the use of standard boil and bite technology – they are heated up in boiling water then moulded round the teeth while still warm.

A third product in the range is the blue light treatment. The two stage whitening gel is applied to the teeth and then the blue light targets each tooth to be treated, for 4 minute periods. Two hours light treatment can whiten teeth up to five shades lighter.

The range also includes whitening toothpastes and a whitening pen.

Rapid White advantages

Boots is a well-known and trusted business so you know that you will be getting a safe product. The treatment times are not overlong at half an hour per day for the Rapid White systems.

Rapid white negatives

The Rapid White system does not work as well as other tooth whitening methods that use Carbamide peroxide. The before and after pictures on the website do not show much improvement to teeth colour. The blue light system, which should only be used for 4 minutes per session, takes two hours to achieve an effect.

There also seems to be problems with supply. The Rapid White 1 and 2 week systems and the Blue Light system are all currently out of stock online.

Rapid White … Verdict

The Rapid White range works but does not provide the whitening effect that can be found in more professional products. However if you are only looking for slight improvement to your teeth colour this may work well. For the best results at a comparable price, a teeth-whitening system that uses carbamide peroxide and a laser light will be a better option.

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