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Safe and white

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Safe & White is a peroxide free teeth-whitening system that does not use aggressive bleaching agents and has been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

The whitening kit uses mouth tray and whitening gel technology and there is also a teeth whitening toothpaste and a teeth whitening brush available in the range of products.

Safe and White can be bought direct from the website and costs £29.95 for a course of two weeks treatment. The company also supply other dental products and offer freepost for orders to the UK over £25.00.

What is Safe and White?

The Safe and White Teeth whitening kit comprises of one 100ml bottle of whitening gel and two mouth trays plus full instructions and shade chart – also available on the website. The thermoform mouth trays are easy to fit to your mouth by heating and then fitting around the teeth.

The whitening gel should be applied twice daily for 30 minutes per session. You should see visible improvement after one week of use but for maximum improvement, the treatment should be applied for at least two weeks. The kit provides enough whitening gel for two weeks treatment.

Safe and White Ardox X technology

The whitening technology called Ardox X was developed in the Netherlands by Dutch dentists. This formula is a Hydro-Carbon-Oxo-Borate complex contained in a gel. The active ingredient is oxygen which is released when gel comes into contact with saliva and produces the whitening affect.

Safe and White advantages

The big advantage to this system is that it a safe and non-aggressive method of whitening and will suit people who worry about using stronger teeth whitening methods but still want to whiten their teeth. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the price for two weeks treatment is not unreasonable. There are no side effects or discomfort to the teeth and gums.

Safe and White disadvantages

The whitening results are not as good as those achieved by using a peroxide Carbamide gel. Customer feedback has been mixed with some positive responses but many people have been disappointed in the performance of the whitening kit.

The website looks impressive on first glance but is exceedingly difficult to navigate and elementary spelling errors, typos, and tiny font size reduce the credibility of the product.

Safe and White … Verdict

Safe & White looks a great product. After all, who would not want a whitening system that just used oxygen? If you are looking for a slight improvement to your teeth colour, this product may work for you.

Unfortunately, the results are not that impressive and anyone wishing to whiten their teeth more effectively should look to a good quality and tested carbamide peroxide product. When used with a laser light, this treatment will be sped up and bleaching time kept to a minimum.

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