Spraywhite 90

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Spraywhite 90

Rated 1/2 star

Spraywhite 90 offers the customer an easy alternative to other teeth whitening products without the fuss of mouth trays, strips or paste, and all in just 90 seconds!

The teeth whitening bleaching product is simply sprayed at the teeth and left on for 90 seconds followed by a rinsing mouthwash to remove the bleaching residue.

Spraywhite 90 is available from some American online retailers, including Amazon priced between $149 and $199 plus shipping. It can also be bought direct from the company website, however is out of stock at the moment.

What is Spraywhite 90?

Spraywhite 90 is a quick two-step process. You use a protective shield to make sure the rest of your mouth is covered, and spray the aerosol at your teeth, leaving the product to work on your teeth for 90 seconds. After completing this step, you then use the rinsing mouthwash which acts as a neutraliser and keeps teeth sensitivity to a minimum.

The mouthwash is still available from the company and comes in two flavours of either Wow Powder Oral Rinse Bubblemint or Wow Powder Oral Rinse Eucalyptus. The mouthwash is packaged in powder form and is simply added to a glass of water. Each box contains 60 individually wrapped servings and can be bought directly from the website at $39.95 plus shipping.

Spraywhite 90… verdict

Spraywhite 90 seemed as if it was a truly revolutionary teeth-whitening product but it has attracted very little attention. Some reviews have said that it did have some teeth whitening effect after two weeks use but in general, customers have been very dissatisfied. One great feature of the system is the rinsing mouthwash, which is still available on the product website and has been recommended by many users.

Spraywhite 90 is very expensive for what looks like a gimmick. At $149 for two weeks treatment, it is one of the higher priced teeth whitening systems and the fact that practically no one has used it and it appears to be no longer available from the manufacturer is a reason for caution. Whether the product will be on sale again in the future is unknown.

Spraywhite 90 seemed like a good idea but has not lived up to it’s promise. Anyone looking to use a home whitening kit would find practically any other product a better deal than this. In addition, it is getting hard to find now and it seems unlikely that Spraywhite 90 will be continuing to be on sale for much longer

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